Jeppe Stockmar

Jeppe Stockmar

I create better customer experiences.

Specialized in -//- Service Design -//- Digital Concept Development -//- Web Development

Selected Projects

Jeppe Stockmar

Hi, I am Jeppe.

My background is MSc in Digital Design and Communication. Beside a solid design-based background, my specialties is Service Design, Digital Concept Development and Web Development. I'm living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Areas of expertise

I connect design, functionality and user needs across channels and I'm passionated in bring the customer experiences to new levels with a visible result for companies.

By uncovered and reveal gaps in services, I improve the digital and physical experience that leads to new areas of business. Through workshops, interview and user research by collection data, evidence and insights to design and create prototypes.

With the craftsmanship of code I combining and design sustainable solutions.


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