The challenges

After a crowdfunding campaign, where TubusOne entered the European market and a new strategy, unseen demands begin to come with the digital solution.

Some of the biggest challenges:

  • Online sales of TubusOne
  • Videos for self-maintaining of TubusOne
  • A B2B area with exclusive material of TubusOne

My Role

I had the responsible to design and develop of the website.


Based on data form Google Analytic, heatmaps and user requirements I mapped out different challenges with ideas to solve them. My approach was a top-down - I structure the website and thereby I got the coherent of the information architecture and could works with the website flows.

The Design

In the beginning I started by creating lo-fi prototype wireframes for usability and test some early stages ideas of the functionalities and the website flows. The result of the lo-fi test help me in the developed of the Hi-fi mockups and yet again I made usability, this time more focused on the of visuel elements. The Hi-fi mockups gave me insight of the website complexity and how long time it would take to code the website.

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The result of the project was a new responsive website for TubusOne. New and rich content at the product side, a video page where you´ll find self-maintaining videos, a reseller registration page with a reseller area.

The solution with buying TubusOne online became a Shopify solution.


  • Creation three maintaining videos
  • Developed six modules in Joomla
  • Total 4267 line of code



#Adobe XD, #Joomla, #PHP, #jQuery, #Sass

Video: Adobe Premiere Pro

Website: Tubusone